The Ghost & Some Apples

I just love to read Hans’ blog posts and from what I understand, many other people do also. Just to stay current on how Hans and his family are doing in the medical maze; being triumph with Hans’ & his family when good things come about and to support and pray for him and his family when sad things come about. To know that so many people are there for them – some who barely know them but by reading the blog posts, know them and can care for them a little more. Thanks Hans’, prayers are constantly coming your way from me and my family and from many, many others out there in our wonderful little area of North Georgia and far beyond!

Courtesy of Hans Rueffert

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the Ghost & some apples…

There have always been murmurs about the Woodbridge Inn being haunted, and perhaps it is.  Right now I feel like the ghost in the Inn, making random appearances, flitting through the dining room like a skinny spook and then, as quickly as I appeared, disappearing again.  The antibiotic regiment I’m on is making me incredibly sick, but in random waves.  I can go for a few hours feeling fine (my “fine” is relative), and then simply crash, feeling nauseous or experiencing blinding muscle cramps.  As much as I resent the parasitic-feeling of a PICC line, I seem to tolerate IV antibiotics much better than the oral varieties.  So I’ve certainly been scarce at the Inn these days, but I do enjoy seeing old friends when I come through.  Hopefully my health will become a little more solid and I’ll be a bit less wraith-like in the coming weeks.  I’m off for more tests next week, and hopefully we’ll find a happier medium that will treat my issues without creating so many more.

It’s apple season here in North Georgia and it’s a beautiful time to experience what this area has to offer.  The Apple Festival in Ellijay is a great excuse to head up this way (going on again next week), but honestly, the best time for apple-hunting is during the week.  Take the drive on 52 east from Ellijay toward Cartecay and stop at all the family owned orchards like Aaron’s, R & A, Reece’s, and more.  Most of the apple houses have disappeared, but the handful that remain scattered in Gilmer and Fannin counties are really worth the drive.

The abundance of apples means Amy’s been baking…always a good thing!  The house smells of warm fruit & Sugar Baby.  We’ve started the skeleton for another cookbook and we hope to have it out by this time next year.  When most people see Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow, the first thing they comment on is the photography.  I think we could release a book of just her food photographs and it would be a best-seller.

Watching House…because we don’t have enough medical drama in our lives.



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