Pickens Animal Rescue does Awesome Things!

Pickens Animal Rescue Volunteers hard at work

Josie was found off Old Burnt Mountain Road on Monday, Nov 10th. She was picked up by one of PAR’s volunteers and brought into town. When the car door was opened, Josie, being fearful, bolted and was unable to be re-captured after an hour long attempt.

For 2 days, lost, fearful and starving, Josie wandered around the RR Tracks near the Woodbridge Inn.

On Wednesday, Nov 12th, she was seen again near the Rescued Furniture Store and 2 PAR Volunteers went immediately to attempt a re-rescue, with success!

Josie is safe, warm, fed and awaiting the delivery of her puppies. Josie will now be given the TLC that she’s never had. She and her puppies will be available for adoption in January.

Check out these videos of lost, homeless dogs that are now being fed and taken care of. Pickens Animal Rescue and their volunteers are AWESOME!!!

We Need Your Help!!! If you would like to make a donation towards the care of these dogs or towards any of the dozens of animals awaiting adoption, go to www.pickensanimalrescue.org Your donations are needed and appreciated more than you may ever know. Thank you!

Submitted by; Susan Catton