Jasper Yard Sale OnLine

Do you facebook? If so, you should connect to this page Jasper Yard Sale Online. All you need to do is on your profile page on Facebook, go to the top of the page to the search field, type in Jasper Yard Sale Online and join the page. People are putting things for sale on there all the time and most of what is for sale is right here in Pickens County.

Do you have something for sale? or maybe you are just looking for something, go to the Jasper Yard Sale Online on facebook and see if it’s there. If it isn’t, put in a post and see if someone has something that you are looking for.

Happy Yard Selling!!!


  1. NIKKI HODLEN says

    My husband found a very small puppy on hwy 515 between Jasper and hwy 136 on on around 1/10/14. If you or anyone you know is missing their baby please contact me via email and describe this sweet puppy. He is safe and sound in my arms but I would love to find his owners if he’s missed.

  2. NIKKI HODLEN says

    Thank you Beth. Hopefully this little guy can be reunited with his family. I really hope that he’s lost and wasn’t tossed.

  3. BethCompton says

    You are welcome. I hope the little guy wasn’t tossed too and that someone is missing their baby…Let me know if anyone contacts you -Beth

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