February 2010 has Record Snow in Pickens County

Here in North Georgia, we have not seen this much snow since the Blizzard of 1993. Unbelievable – and we are not out of it yet! They are predicting more snow Sunday evening and into Monday.

Here in Bent Tree, we had about 3 inches of snow. Now I know for people who live or have lived up North, 3 inches of snow is a ‘dusting’ to them…but here in North Georgia, 3 inches of snow will clear the bread and milk at the grocery store and will make people, who are out there driving, ‘actin’ like a fool when there’s snow on the ground’…

Someone on facebook sent me this little ‘ditty’ where they changed the words for the song, Pants on the Ground to relate to our Snow on the Ground…

‘Snow on da ground… Snow on da ground…, drivin’ like a fool when there’s Snow on da ground…look atcha now…car spinnin’ round…lookin’ like a fool when there’s snow on da ground… Snow all around…butts hit the ground….losin’ all your cool when there’s Snow on da ground’

I’m just glad that I was able to stay home, with a nice fire, and plenty to eat, watch the snow fall and not have to worry about getting out  in this snowy weather…I’m really looking forward to spring though!!!

Our February 2010 Snow Pictures~


















The Next Day, It was Beautiful…but Cold – 22 degrees when we woke up and the temperatures bearly got to 30 degrees. Tomorrow the temperatures are to warm up into the mid to high 30s, but get back into the freezing temperatures at night and anything that may have unfrozen, will freeze again.

One of the things about where we live, there is an ‘S’ curve as you are coming up the mountain, that doesn’t get ‘sunshine’ until late afternoon, so it doesn’t thaw out until late afternoon. With these temperatures we will be having, that ‘S’ curve part of the road will not thaw out and I can see us stuck up here until possibly Tuesday or even Wednesday..Glad we have plenty of food and firewood!

A video of pictures that were takens on the snow day and the day after. It sure was beautiful!!!

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