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Jasper Merchant Associations Is Looking For Help

21…From Our Local Community

The Jasper Merchants Association is seeking YOUR help in Replacing or Repairing the Christmas Decorations that are put out in front of the County Courthouse from just after Thanksgiving to the first of the New Year.

The current Christmas Tree Ornaments are old and outdated and need so much repair or repainting or to be totally replaced. If you wish to replace an Ornament, you can personalize it but it needs to be the extra large ones and outdoor style.

The current Reindeer wire style are worn out and the majority of the ones we have no longer move, work, or light up. At last count from last year, only 4 of the 7required 9 that pull Santa’s sleigh work completely.

12The current Nativity Scene is extremely old and out-dated. None of them light up anymore, we are missing several of the main pieces – we no longer have Joseph and one of the Wise Men. The nativity scene that we have are all made of hollow plastic and some of the ones we have left, the paint is fading badly or cracked and broken.

Pickens County owns and puts up the Christmas Tree. The Ornaments were purchased by the Lions Club many years ago, like in the 60’s to 70’s as well as the other decorations. The Nativity Scene, Reindeer, 8ft Santa, and Santa Sleigh have been passed on to the JMA to take care of and keep placing in front of the Courthouse.

We want to put pride back into our County and City by having decorations that people want to stop and look at while they visit or come through town. If YOU, Your Business, Your Organization can help by making a Monetary Donation or by Completely Replacing an item that is needed.

Please Contact the JMA @ 706-253-3303. All Donations are Tax Deductible.


Paul Poore
Secretary – JMA

Liberty Box Mods – Vape in North Georgia

the cigarette tabacco nicotine dependency makes it challenging for many people to stop smoking, no matter that they know it's bad and unhealthy for them and those around them.Have you been trying to get off cigarettes and tobacco? They are so bad for you, unhealthy and harmful to you and all those around you. Besides, they make you smell bad!

That nicotine dependency makes it challenging for many people to stop smoking, no matter that they know it’s bad and unhealthy for them and those around them.

What are your thoughts about vaping? Vaping has really come along in the last couple of years. To the point, even the American Heart Association is saying ‘Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking‘.

Vaping Can Be Your  Alternative To Smoking!

Check out what others are saying about vaping:

Talk with Roger and get the low down on how he quit smoking after many years of this dependency. And Guess What? You can purchase your own custom vape box from Roger!!!

Roger Barlow:

woman smoking or vaping an electronic cigarette to quit tobacco
This woman is vaping an electronic cigarette to quit tobacco

After 30 years of smoking at least a pack a day, I quit. I tried the patch, Chantix, hard candy and more to no avail. Vaping products and the vaping community has played a major role in my SMOKE FREE life. Thanks everyone who makes us all feel like family, sharing information and offering support for such a nasty addition.

Tell them you saw it on


Story from Randall Duff:

I wasn’t going to post this but I decided I should…. I don’t usually do PSAs or anything like this but I thought I should because if I can change the lifestyle of one person then I made a difference.

I have smoked and/or dipped for the majority of my life… Not something I was proud of but it was something I did. Now I quit smoking on November 29th 2014 but I still dipped Copenhagen. In February of this year I noticed a spot on my tongue and asked my dentist what it was. Dr Morris ran a cancer screen and said it didn’t show up as cancerous but as a precaution I had a biopsy done.

Vaping is better than tongue, throat or lung cancer
I’m fine, everything is all good but if you smoke or dip or chew, quit. I have always been healthy and had the mindset that nothing bad could happen to me. The following picture proves otherwise (it’s graphic) 12 stitches and one helluva sore tongue!!!

The diagnosis was epithelial dysplasia and I went to the oral surgeon to get a further evaluation. Long story short I went on Monday to get surgery to remove the lesion and come to find out when cutting it out there was a slight bit of cancer, stage 1, but detected early enough to remove it all.



Our Hometown Boy Thomas Fountain

thomas Fountain, You'll be able to get it this Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 8:00 "WHO I AM" will make it's debut!He’s at it again and about to release, finally, Who I Am ~ The video about growing up in a small North Georgia town, enjoying the small town pleasures.

“Everyone knew who you were; your teachers, neighbors, and basically anyone you ran into at the store identified you as your own person. The song is about getting lost in the day to day hassles of life and then finding yourself and roots again in an unexpected way (the girl),  and the more he sees, the more he realizes just how far away he’d gotten from what means the most to him.” ~ Thomas Fountain

Alright Jasper! Here it is!!! You’ll be able to get it this Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 8:00pm “WHO I AM” will make it’s debut! Please be sure to help out by sharing the heck out of the video once it is released!

In the meantime… share this post/photo and let everyone you know! Thanks to our Jasper fans for helping Thomas Fountain Band make a name for little ole’ Jasper Pickens County GA!

A lot of people don’t know how it feels to always have a place to ‘Truly Call Home

Download it today on Itunes:

Members: Thomas Fountain- lead singer/rhythm guitar Grant Reynolds- lead guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, keys Gaylon Mathews- pedal steel guitar/dobro/banjo/jokes,  Miles Landrum- bass Blake Mincey- drums/percussion

Thomas Fountain ~ 2014 Georgia Country Male Artist of the Year 2014 Georgia Country Overall Artist of the Year EP on ITunes

2015-2016 Pickens County School Supply List

School BusThe summers seem to go by quicker each year. I mean, it just seems like last week that the 2015 PHS Senior Class graduated and now we’re about to start the 2015-2016 School Year!

Below is a list of school supplies to help with your youngster. Don’t forget to go by and check out The Hair Loft and what they have going on for the beginning of school…

Jasper Elementary School Supply List for the 2015-2016 School Year ~

Click List Below To Open In New Page and Print
2016-2016 jasper elementary School list